The ultra-apostate Evangelical Lutheran Church ordains a “transgender” pastor

The Sodomites are hailing another fallen apostate church that has been taken over from within

If this isn’t a wake up call to separate yourselves from one of the cult denominations I don’t know what else will work.


The “ordaining” of a pervert. And the scoffers mock my biblical pastor because he wasn’t “ordained” by some mainline liberal denomination!

Lutheran fag pastors


On a side note: The majority of articles that are speaking about this are pro Sodomite news sites!

See for yourself:



One thought on “The ultra-apostate Evangelical Lutheran Church ordains a “transgender” pastor

  1. I am SO GLAD the world is finally recognizing the “masculinity” of female-bodied people like myself, because this gives me hope for a better tomorrow! I can’t wait until those who disagree and think we should all be forced into pink dresses all our lives, just to punish us further for our (unwanted) ability to have babies, are thrown in jail for preaching such nonsense, while tax payers are unknowingly forced to pay for such people as myself to have Testosterone injections, mastectomies, and name changes. It will be a much better world then!

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