Joel Osteen blesses Houston’s new (gay) mayor Annise Parker

If you didn’t already realize that the mega church pastor and self help book author Joel Osteen wasn’t a total pussyfooted false teacher, this just all the more proves it!

From the USA TODAY:
Annise Parker, the newly-elected happens-to-be-lesbian mayor of Houston was sworn in Monday and the opening prayer was given by … Rev. Joel Osteen.

Is your head spinning? Osteen heads the nation’s most mega of evangelical non-denominational megachurches, Lakewood Church in Houston where about 45,000 people cycle through a revamped sports stadium for services every weekend.


Dyke Mayor 01




And here are some examples of Joel Osteen going before Millions of Americans on popular TV shows where he pussyfoots, refuses to actually preach the word, and even denies Jesus Christ is the only way!

Joel Osteen WELCOMES Sodomites in his church!
Joel also equates the Catholic Cult to Christianity.

Joel Osteen occasionally will say that Homosexuality is a sin, but then he defends Homosexuals and says he would attend a Homosexual Wedding!


Joel Osteen once again uses his “I can’t judge a person’s heart” excuse to not rebuke sin and wicked people and then even goes on to say that Jesus is NOT the only way!

More “I’m not going to judge” pussyfooted side stepping as he refuses to say that Mormonism is wrong!


Even Benny Hinn (another heretic) can’t stand Joel Osteen and his lies!

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