“Audacity the movie” by Ray Comfort teaches works based salvation!

Once again Ray Comfort comes so close yet so far when it pertains to preaching the gospel to the lost.

Just as is the case with “180 the Movie” Ray Comfort initially does relatively a good job to show a person that they are a sinner who is deserving of hell.
However the most important part is where he spews the heresy that “there are two things you must do” to be saved in which he tells the person that they must “turn from sin” and “trust alone on the Lord Jesus Christ”.
Sorry Ray and those who teach that heresy. But to think you need to stop your sinning is NOT to “trust alone in the Lord Jesus Christ” for salvation. The person is in fact relying on their own works, to stop sinning. This is in fact “works based salvation” that is rampantly taught by many Christians including Baptists. And to turn from sin is an impossible feat. That is why Satan loves this heresy.
More on the subject of Living Waters version of “Soul Winning”:






Here’s a review of the film that is pretty good:

4 thoughts on ““Audacity the movie” by Ray Comfort teaches works based salvation!

  1. Ray Comfort is getting rich instead of winning souls. Notice his last name? All the phony TV preachers have weird last names..Creflo Dollar, etc.

    Ray is probably a closet Catholic.

    • Living Waters is pretty much one big infomercial. :-/
      I think they do release the DVD’s for free a few months later so if they are just initially holding back to recoup expenses I won’t just them on that.

      Too bad they spend all the effort but give the false gospel of works salvation.

  2. Does Pastor Anderson touch on spiritual deliverance, 4 G?

    A third of Christ’s ministry was deliverance, and out of Mary Magdelene alone He cast out 7 Devils.

    Is that something modern preachers should do?

    • Are you talking about people having the power to cast out devils?

      It seems that most of that ability was given to the initial apostles but as it is something I have never really studied I am not sure. I think there are some references to it happening again.

      Most of those today who CLAIM to cast out devils are fakes. i.e. Benny Hinn and Todd Bentley, what I call Benny Hinn 2.0

      Nothing wrong with praying for it and letting God work.

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