Children molested by their adopted homosexual “parent” = Media Blackout!

The abuse of a homosexual man and his adopted “son” was almost completely censored from mainstream news when it occurred

Most of you never heard about this:
Frank Lombard, a homosexual man living with another man, adopted two black babies. One child after the as the CPS supplied organized child kidnapping and redistribution crime ring in AmeriKa saw fit to give him.
When the oldest child was just 5 years old he was caught by an undercover detective on the internet.
Frank used the online name “PervDaddyForFun” on perv chat rooms.
Frank made a deal to meet another man in a hotel room to allow him to also partake in sodomizing an innocent 5 year old boy. Frank showed up with the kid, but he was quickly arrested!
Note he was CAUGHT when the child was 5 years old. Who knows how early he started to groom this boy for homosexual molestation!

Frank Lombard was the HEALTH DIRECTOR at Duke University. Yet he’s doing this filth!

Watch the one blip of media coverage that this incident had:

From the article: Associate director of Duke University’s Center for Health Policy, Frank Lombard, was recently arrested by the FBI and charged with offering up his adopted 5-year-old African American son for sex to an undercover cop. Lombard admitted to molesting his own adopted son to the undercover officer in an online chat room under the user name “Perv Dad for Fun”. He invited the under cover officer to travel to North Carolina to rape his already-molested adopted son. Lombard faces 20 years in prison if convicted but is not eligible for the death penalty.

Lombard bragged to the detective that the abuse of the child was easier when the child was too young to talk or know what was happening, but that he had drugged the child with Benadryl during the molestation, according to the detectives affidavit.

Lombard is gay and adopted the two children together with his partner. He lists himself as a fan of controversial gay Bishop Gene Robinson on his facebook page.


What kind of a SICK MIND does this kind of thing?

And worse yet, what kind of a SICK ORGANIZATION adopts children out to homosexuals? What do you expect? At the very minimum you are refusing to provide what a child needs, a REAL mother AND a father!

Speaking of children being deliberately given to homosexuals, Check this article about the two men who were given NINE CHILDREN to raise in their home!

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