My collection of “Rebuke Awareness Stickers”

Several people have asked me over the last year if they could just give me a few bucks to make them some “Rebuke Awareness Stickers” that I often post up in public places.

On this blog post I will feature some of the REBUKE STICKERS that I have in my collection so people can preview them and tell me which ones they want.





Baby - How can mom be he dad be she

Calvin Piss on lgbt equal sign-BlackRainbow 4G

Chic Fil A Lev 20 13 FWBC 4G

Chic-Fil-A God Hates Fags Cows Sodie Free Food

Faggot Detector 4G


Fox News 10 two fags with two black daughters

God has not redefined marriage

God hasnt changed his mind about homosexuality

Ho Moe Peddle File 4G

House of Sodom v2


LGBT in fire Rev 21 8

Man and man equals AIDS judgment of God 4G

Marriage-1man1woman-AnyQuestions 4G

Nothing runs like a queer

Sodomy according to scriptures 4G




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