New FOX show “Lucifer” refers to Satan’s last name as “Morning star”

The new blasphemous FOX show “Lucifer” gives Satan the full name of “Lucifer Morning Star”.

This is interesting since Jesus Chris says that HE is the “Morning Star” in Revelation 22:16.
And while the person “Lucifer” appears one time in the KJV bible in Isaiah 14:12, the perverted NIV bible publishers replaces the name Lucifer with “Morning Star” which is basically then describing Jesus as being cast out for wanting to be like God when that scripture was in fact about Satan.

Bible link for Isaiah 14:12 comparing the KJV to the NIV:;NIV


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5 thoughts on “New FOX show “Lucifer” refers to Satan’s last name as “Morning star”

  1. Then there are the peoplee like you who spit on a show or movie because it switches up the story so it can be entertaining…….. You have to remember it is a TV show.

    • I agree, people like this guy that make fun of a TV because they want to make a living off of their career are just annoying. This TV show was a spinoff of a DC comic book, like wtf are you complaining about. You are one of the two kind of people I hate, people that brag and people that religion too far.

  2. Morning Star is “Morgenstern” and Lucifer was called “light bringer”, they mean the same thing.

  3. So if you are so angry at this show for changing some little, non-important, details in a TV show. Then why are you so obsessed with following with the TV show and making fun of it.

  4. These comments are proof shows like this corrupt these docile ppl with zero knowledge of Gods word, and zero faith I God whatsoever. Everything is “just entertainment” to you guys. Like if you impressionable fools aren’t educated by “entertainMENT”

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