At least some nations (people) have not bowed down to the Sodomites!

In countries such as RUSSIA and AFRICA the act of Sodomy is still punishable by either a PUBLIC BEATING or by DEATH!





At least 70+ nations have not bowed down and allowed SODOMY to fester as they have done in modern AmeriKa! I’m embarrassed at what has happened to America.

The youth are so brainwashed that they think being a pervert is because they were “born that way”. yeah right!

Sodomites can not even consummate a marriage (a piece of paper stating a tax exemption is meaningless) nor can they procreate.

It is unnatural.
Case closed.
End of story!

One thought on “At least some nations (people) have not bowed down to the Sodomites!

  1. The homofascists are truly destroying our country, that is clear. They won’t stop until the world approves of it, but they will have to bury me because I will never approve of it.

    Now that the pedophile, Romish, vicar of Hell has accepted it, all these other money changers are following his lead.

    People need to wake up & realize that homos have 2 main objectives:

    1. To reduce age of consent laws so they can legally rape our children (NAMBLA is evidence of this)
    2. To destroy Christianity and replace it with satanism
    People who support the sodomites are too stupid to realize they are passing their own children through the fire.

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