A girl makes herself look like a freak then cries about “bullying”

A high school girl made a facebook video about how she is being bullied in school and sadly it has gone viral causing the easily controlled Zombies to show sympathy for her self made situation.


And of course the wicked LGBT will be all over this to further their agenda via “anti-bullying” laws.
Hey, how about you don’t dress like a FREAK SHOW and draw the negative attention?
Here mother and father must be so proud. What Godly parent would even allow this self mutilation?

Here are her facebook photos (visible to the public). Her plight is clearly self inflicted.


Gotta love the LGBT nonsense in her photo collection as well.

Freak LGBT unicorn






2 thoughts on “A girl makes herself look like a freak then cries about “bullying”

  1. God you’re fucking sad. A HIGH SCHOOLER dyes their hair and likes my little pony and you think they deserve full grown adults to harass them? What if that was your kid huh?

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