One thought on “Amateur Poker player unwittingly goes to a QUEER BAR to play a game of poker and gets way more than he expected!

  1. No, “all faggots” are NOT disgusting, it is all MEN who are! The only reason why “fags,” which I define as MALE homosexuals and MALE ONLY, are “disgusting” is because they’re MEN, no matter how “effeminate” or “sissified” you might consider them to be! But the reason why homosexuality is “disgusting” when it involves two MEN is because the male body is gross, and two or more males makes the act even grosser! You are NOT going to sit there and tell me that you’ve “never left a skid mark in your underwear,” because then I’ll know for sure that you’re either gay and/or lying! So because there’s NO SUCH THING as a male with good anal hygiene, and because the penis is every bit as disgusting as the male anus, male homosexuality truly IS “disgusting” and “wrong” because it involves two MALES! But Lesbianism, on the other hand, is more of a state of mind than anything real, physical, or tangeable, and as a result, most Lesbians are VIRGIN to penises (like me) and wouldn’t be caught DEAD in such a bar as this one!

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