The vile things you see when you drive through Sodom, Arizona!!!

Today I had to drive into Sodom, Arizona to go to a performance auto shop for some parts and right away I noticed freaks in the area as usual.

I grabbed the camera to film a few things and meant to tag the FAG CHURCH on 7th Avenue with some Rebuke Awareness Stickers but then decided not to since my young children were with me.

And as I am about to pull out of the parking lot of the FAG CHURCH here comes a man wearing red lipstick and a woman’s sports bra (which appeared to be padded for the appearance of women’s breasts).  It was a disgusting freak!

By time I could grab the camera and turn it on the freak was already walking by me and I only got the side profile. But trust me, “it” was wearing led lipstick and wearing a woman’s padded sports bra.



Dude looks like a disgusting whorish lady!



Watch the video:



A slow motion clip:

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