www.addictedinfo.org “reporters” showed up to FWBC, one of the “men” was wearing a skirt.

During church on Sunday I got up to use the bathroom and walked by two men sitting in the back row that seemed a little out of place, to say the least.
One was effeminate and goofy and the other was wearing a skirt.

I didn’t know who they were but turned on my camera to capture them just to show some friends later because it was odd.

However it turned out that they were reporters or something for the weird ultra pro progressive anti Christian website http://www.addictinginfo.org at least that is what I think I heard when the guys were later talking to a church member.
The effeminate one on the left said he came to check out the sermon and said that it wasn’t as bad as he expected and didn’t really hear the “hate speech” that pastor was known for.
Right there was a red flag when I heard that.
I would have perhaps talked to the dudes but I was busy visiting other members and getting the family ready to go to a potluck.

Anyway, the website AddictingInfo is ridiculously stupid, anti God and pro LGBT etc so it is funny to put some faces to the lame propaganda website. HA HA Here is a typical propaganda piece from their website —> http://www.addictinginfo.org/2015/02/09/gay-or-straight-these-gay-seniors-will-make-you-see-life-differently-video/

Here’s the video. It is just a few seconds long as I simply walked by the two dudes on my way back to my seat during the service.



This is pretty much what the one guy was wearing. His hairy man legs hanging out of the bottom.
He’ll of course claim it is a “kilt” but i call it what it is. A woman’s skirt.


An interesting thing is i wanted to look up the ABOUT section of addicting info but it gives a 404 not found error!

Clicking on the "about" link on their website results in this error.

Clicking on the “about” link on their website results in this error.



Looking further into the site you can quickly see what kind of propaganda they spew:

The website is definitely anti God and pro Sodomy

The website is definitely anti God and pro Sodomy



And more:

Tons of Sodomite propaganda. And some pro Obama banter as well. I guess these fools actually fell for the cooked numbers to support Obama.

Tons of Sodomite propaganda. And some pro Obama banter as well. I guess these fools actually fell for the cooked numbers to support Obama.

8 thoughts on “www.addictedinfo.org “reporters” showed up to FWBC, one of the “men” was wearing a skirt.

  1. Good! I am GLAD we women aren’t the only ones (literally) taking a STAND against this stupid “bathroom door” notion that girls/women “have to” wear dresses while boys/men “have to” wear pants! I’ll bet some of the most adamant pastors, like Steve L. Anderson, think NOTHING of letting their disgusting little boys hog our precious few women’s room toilets when they’re out with their moms, so I can’t wait until the bathroom doors start displaying Mars (male) and Venus (female) symbols instead of those stupid stick figures! Another idea is to do away with the “men’s” room entirely, changing it to Female and Unisex if not just 1 bathroom, which is the new trend on college campuses.

    I also wish more boys would wear diapers until they’re 8 years old (Pampers could help us on this one by introducing even more sizes), pooping all over what they think makes them “superior” to us well into their school years, lol, so there’d be less demand for the so-called “men’s room,” AKA “potential rapist room,” and fewer boys going in with their moms to use the TOILET. (Nothing wrong with a 5-year-old boy going in for a diaper change.) So you’d better be glad I DON’T have a little boy, because I sure as hell wouldn’t buy him underwear and teach him how to “piss against the wall” so he could become yet another arrogant, male asshole in a society that already has too many men as it is!

    • You only continue to give plenty of examples of how mentally disturbed all dykes and faggots really are.

      Everything you said is utter nonsense and the exact OPPOSITE that a normal mother would do for their child that they cared for.

      • That’s because I CANNOT POSSIBLY “love” or “care about” a male, of ANY kind, but especially a disgusting little child who does absolutely NOTHING for me in the way of financial support and manual labor, like putting-out the trash. As a result, I have chosen to NEVER associate with anyone of the male gender, not even as a friend, because what I hate more than men are the disgusting XY offspring they can cause our bodies to produce (not that I “like” little girls, but at least they become women, not men, who understand how painful and maddening it is to be female).

        My least favorite type of person is the newborn boy, not only because of his resemblance to the “baby in the manger,” but because of what he becomes and what he does to girls/women as a group when he’s grown. Therefore, if you think, for 1 minute, that I wouldn’t use a real, live baby boy, if given the opportunity, to “take-out” this aggression by doing the cruelest things imaginable before he’s able to talk (which can be longer than 3 years if you don’t teach him how), many of them involving his own feces (i.e. think of forced ingestion), then you’re an IDIOT and a PIPE-DREAMER, at best!!! As a result, you should be GLAD I don’t have or want any kids!!!

        • Veronica:

          This 2nd comment leads me to strongly suspect that you are a victim of SRA (satanic ritual abuse) growing up.

          Were you forced into satanic rituals as a child?

          My parents did that to me. I’ve seen horrific atrocities that most people wouldn’t believe, and it was against my will, but as a little kid I couldnt escape other than go to a “safe place” in my mind.
          You CAN heal from this.
          Everything we were taught about Jesus as children is a lie!
          Jesus IS the Christ, He DOES love us & He is not the source of our pain.

          Satan/lucifer is the liar, the copycat counterfeit.

          If you want to talk I will listen.

    • Veronica….I find it quite revealing that you use the pagan astrological terms of the symbols you speak of.

      Furthermore, it seems rather apparent to me that you were maliciously & sexually abused, probably as a small child, and as a result of this horrible violation you misdirect your anger & hatred toward all men.

      This is clear to me because I went through something similar.

      I believe your hatred & bitterness are disguises for suffering & pain.
      Healing can only come from Jesus Christ.

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