Measles, Back in the days before the marketing of The Vaccine

Check out these videos clips from 1960’s television which PROVES that contracting the Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox, the Flu etc was all NORMAL for children and fear of contracting these viruses was not yet hyped to market the vaccines!

Our bodies that God created for us are able to overcome and build natural immunities to these viruses.
And that is exactly how man survived for 99% of human history before people realized they could profit off of the scam of vaccines.

Watch the video below to see how different the view of contracting viruses such as the Measles was just 50 years ago compared to how it is hyped today to help market the dangerous vaccines:

Today children are BOMBARDED with dozens of strains of lab created viruses that are literally grown in imported monkey kidneys, chicken embryos or even aborted babies.
A cocktail of viruses are mixed together with heavy metals, adjuvants, squalene, etc which are dangerous yet FDA approved!

Also vaccines are injected into the flesh which completely bypasses the first waive of protection and where the body normally encounters the viruses, the mucous membrane.

Vaccines are laced with all sorts of chemicals and heavy metals. You never know where those ingredients might wind up in the body.
If they go to a sensitive area of the brain or nervous system a person could become severely injured with paralysis, mental shutdown, Autism in children, etc.


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