The “Nativity Scene” (or “Manger Scene”) is a fraud!


As Christmas time arrives you start to see the graven images of the “Nativity Scene”, or sometimes called, “Manger Scenes” going on sale.
One thing that I realized a while back after reading my KJV Bible a few times is that the “Nativity Scene” typically is fashioned with the wise men at the manger with baby Jesus.
This is totally incorrect!

When Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem to pay their taxes, Mary gave birth to Jesus.
They were in a manger because THERE WAS NO ROOM AT THE INN!
Basically, the hotels were full that night!

However, they did have Shepherds arrive and visit at the manger.

Later Herod had inquired of the wise men about the signs and whatnot and then Herod sent the wise men to go spy out the young child, Jesus.
When the wise men visited Joseph, Mary and Jesus, they were in a house.

The Nativity Scene is a fraud.
And it’s made of graven images so you should not possess one anyway.

Watch the video below…


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