Best of “Pervert Park” – A children’s park plagued with Sodomite Pedophiles

I used to get a kick out of this guy’s videos back in the day and we would chat on youtube.
This park where young children played had Sodomite Pedophiles stalking little boys.
The maker of the videos lived nearby and had documented the Sodomites with his camera and even contacted the police who didn’t seem to care until the LOCAL NEWS found the youtube videos! HA HA!

This guy made the videos humorous however the fact that the park was infested with sick Sodomite Pedophiles was a serious problem!

These two videos characterize the regular Sodomite Pedophiles at the park.

“The Walking Stick Homo” was one of the more frequent and creepy Sodomite pedophile stalkers at the park.

This was the news coverage of “Pervert Park”. LOL!

Here’s a “peep hole” that was found in the boys bathroom at the park.


This video is hilarious!
The youtuber found where the “Walking Stick Homo” hid his walking stick in the bushes and he modified it for him. HA HA!



Then a few years later someone sold the walking stick on eBay and this family bought it? LOL! Funny!






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