GoArmy Internment/Resettlement Specialist (31E) a.k.a. FEMA CAMPS

Several years ago when the “FEMA CAMP” scare was going all over the internet Glenn Beck talked all about it only to later “Debunk” them using some shill and only discussing one crackpot video on youtube while ignoring the fact that there were tons of legit videos and not too mention the job listing at GO ARMY website.

I did save the video from the goarmy/national guard websites several years ago which they deleted shortly after Glenn beck’s program. Hmm…

The job listing is still on go army however.


For those that are unaware, America placed Japanese-American (even born and raised) into camps for several years following the war in the 1940’s.

The families lost their homes, businesses, etc and didn’t even receive a “I’m sorry about that” until Ronald Regan was president.




From the article:

The Japanese-American internment camps were often nothing more than makeshift barracks, with families and children cramped together behind barbed wires. Most of the internees were U.S. citizens from the West Coast who were forced to abandon or liquidate their businesses when war relocation authorities escorted them to the camps.
Japanese Internment Camps in Arizona

Japanese Internment Camps in Arizona

And how did they round up many of the Japanese-Americans?
The U.S. CENSUS of course!


Japanese Internment 01

Waiting to be processed



Japanese Internment Camp in America

Japanese Internment Camp in America


Japanese Internment camp workers

Japanese Internment camp workers – Gila River Arizona

Japanese internment-sign

Public notice to Japanese citizens in America

Click on images for larger view and click here for more images from bing.


So don’t think they won’t imprison you to “process” as well when the time comes such as Martial Law.

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