Foster parent filmed himself sexually abusing a 6-week-old premature baby: FBI

Here we go again!
Innocent babies adopted to filthy homosexuals and people are shocked when the child is molested???

Stephen Schaffner,(L), and Michael Lutts (R). (U.S. Attorney)


Two men — one in California, the other in  Maryland– are facing multiple federal charges of sexually assaulting and exchanging graphic photos of a six-week-old premature infant brought home by one of the men as the child’s foster parent.

According to Courthouse News Service, Stephen H. Schaffner, 34, of Greensboro, Md, conspired with Michael Lutts, 50, of San Diego “to abuse a six-week-old foster child and transmit recorded images and videos of the abuse to Schaffner.”

Lutts, a pediatric nurse at a San Diego County Kaiser Permanente hospital and the foster parent of the child, allegedly exchanged  graphic and sexually explicit messages with Schaffner, a former clinical professional counselor in Greensboro, within hours after bring the child home.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s office in Baltimore, “Over the next several hours, Schaffner allegedly exchanged numerous graphic and sexually explicit messages with Lutts about Lutts engaging in sexually explicit conduct with the infant. Lutts sent Schaffner videos with the infant, including images of an adult performing oral sex on the infant. Schaffner is alleged to have directed Lutts to sexually abuse the infant in order to produce sexually explicit images and videos and send them to Schaffner.”

Court house documents state that, in one of the videos, Lutts videotaped himself touching the infant’s genitals while masturbating. Images show the hospital tag still attached to the infant’s leg. A video recorded a week later showed Lutts naked in his living room with the baby near him while he performed lewd acts upon himself.

FBI agents, who arrested Lutts as part of a child pornography ring, stated the newborn can be heard crying through many of the videos.

According to NBC & San Diego, Lutts is already under indictment by a San Diego grand jury for sexually assaulting an 11-month-old girl.

Schaffner, who appeared in Baltimore Federal Court Wednesday, is currently being held and  faces up to 285 years in prison if convicted of all 10 counts filed against him.

Full charges have yet to be filed against Lutts, who remains in custody at the San Diego Metropolitan Correctional Center.





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