Evidence of the CONvid PLANdemic

A collection of evidence that exposes the Covid-19 scam

Inventor of the PCR test exposes Anthony Fauci as a fraud!

Fauci himself had condemned the PCR test as ineffective to diagnose an infectious person!

Fauci slammed by Jeffrey Tucker as a fraud!

Dr Rashid A Buttar: WHEN WILL BE THE SECOND WAVE? [Dr Fauci & Bill Gates]


The NVSS guidelines instruct medical professionals to add Covid-19 to the death cert even if it was ASSUMED to have caused or contributed to the death of a person.
This loose guideline is why typical deaths of heart disease and other primary comorbidities are being counted as “Covid-19 deaths” that the #FakeNews then uses as fear porn.

Young nurse who was initially reported to have died from the Covid-19 actually died from Kidney failure.


At 2:30 Bill Gates admits that they want to inject RNA code to trick your body into building what will supposedly just trigger an immune response to create corona antibodies.

Fauci involved in a paper that linked mask use to lung bacteria causing pneumonia in the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic



Over 6,000 scientists sign petition against lockdowns!


CDC reports that hospitals counted every heart attack death as Covid death

Bonus clip!

George Carlin on germs!

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