5G Wireless: Separating FACT from FICTION to prevent the poisoning of the Truther well

The future in 5G (5th Generation Wireless) is something that should be researched and even questioned as we should do with any technology that is implemented into our society that may effect us all in some way.

However in the process of our questioning of it’s implementation, us “truthers” need to be careful to not just regurgitate hearsay that we obtain through social media and other sources without performing our due diligence in fact checking and researching the information first.

When we spread information that is based on hearsay alone and without some pretty good sources we only enable the skeptics and shills with some good ammo to discredit our position as a whole. And that does more harm than good. I’ve done this myself when in a hurry and sometimes later come to regret it.

An example of poisoning the truther well, as I call it, is when people discuss a hot topic subject such as the events of 9/11/2001 and include a bunch of really out there claims rather than just stick to some eye-opening-facts that should be more than enough to get a person to give the event some rational thought.
9/11 is pretty easy to demonstrate that the official story is flawed and that it should be question by simply highlighting some key aspects of the events such as the fact that three buildings fell at the WTC including a 47 story building that was not even hit by a plane which could be all that it takes to make someone take an interest in seeking more information.

However within the truther community you have people with wild claims such as that the planes were holograms and that no planes hit the towers.
Some people who are woken up to find out that things are not as they once believed just totally jump the shark and start to seek out the most obscure and far fetched conspiracies out there including the growing modern Flat-Earth Conspiracy.

Unfounded far fetched claims like that are easily dismissed by your typical individual who possesses any rational thought process.

Now remember. I myself am a “truther” like many others who have been up in arms over this emerging technology.
We’re on the same team.
However I am speaking about this now due to the poisoning of the truther well, as I call it, which is caused by rampant and improperly researched copy-n-paste information.

Sometimes the problem is simply from not being specific enough to explain the aspect WITHIN 5G that could be dangerous however alike other subjects within the truther community there are also some more far fetched and blatantly inaccurate claims that are in circulation that are only going to give ammo to the skeptics to write off the entire subject as a crack-pot conspiracy.

Ha. As I write and edit this I have the Alex Jones Show playing in the other monitor.
I just heard, again, the phrase “5G is bad” but no specifics other than simply the 5G technology itself. :-/

What is “5G“?

Image embedded from https://medium.com/swlh/5g-technology-and-requirement-d163434a5c45

5G simply refers to 5th Generation Wireless.
5G is the latest technology advancement to add improvements over the current 4Gs (LTE etc) that in turn had replaced 3G which in turn had been an improvement to the first EVDO (Evolution Data Only) technology that first began the ability to separately (and eventually simultaneously) be connected to cellular voice and cellular data.

The cellular connection for data has much more bandwidth and speed than the technology built for wireless voice communications.

As new wireless devices advance and the demand for connectivity increases there is a NEED for an advancement in the wireless technology.

Currently the data requirements and the number of connected devices are beginning to overwhelm the current 4G/LTE technology.
And as new features with more demanding wireless needs comes onto the scene you will see diminishing performance with 4G capabilities.

And if you want an example of that, turn off your 4G connection just try to use available 3G or EVDO connections. You won’t enjoy using higher demanding services such as YouTube or Netflix. If they even function at all.

With that said. 5G is coming whether you like it or not.
Improvements MUST be made to keep up with increasing bandwidth/speed demands and the increase in overall connected devices in circulation.

The frequency spectrum within the 5G allotment ranges from approx 6Ghz to approx 100Ghz with the exception of T-Mobile who’s current 5G infrastructure is building upon their existing 600Mhz & 900Mhz (.6Ghz/.9Ghz) bands.
Doing so isn’t going to yet improve speeds per say but reliability which they were lacking.

The “millimeter waves” are what people are currently critical of which is the approx 20Ghz to 100Ghz range.

With higher carrier frequencies you can not only throughput higher data speeds but you can also have more connections at any given time.
It opens the door for a major improvement over existing 4G just as 4G had over 3G and 3G over EVDO.

Now here is where the conspiracy goes awry:

5G is an all encompassing term to simply refer to the 5th generation of emerging wireless technology.
5G” itself is NOT the frequency itself!
An entire spectrum of frequency bands are allotted within what has been coined as “5G”.

Keypoint: If there are some key frequencies found to be harmful within that given allotment it does not mean that ALL radio frequencies within it are equally as harmful and should therefore be avoided or reason to stop the emerging technology.

Also. Not all wireless carriers (Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T etc) will be using the same scary frequency bands.
Each is allotted or licensed a band or bands of frequencies within that range that was allocated to wireless cellular.

BTW. Many of the bands of radio frequencies HAVE BEEN IN USE FOR DECADES such as by DirecTV which has been bathing you in the Ka band of 18 – 20 Ghz for decades now.

Some of the bands have been repurposed such as the old satellite C-Band which is within the 2Ghz to 6 Ghz.
A technology that has been used since the early 70’s

So far the main concern I read about is the concern that the frequency at approx 60Ghz is such that resonates Oxygen molecules and can therefore disturb them inside your body.
Therefore in many of these truther publications and social media shared factoids you simply read statements that “5G” is dangerous and that it effects the oxygen in your body.
And this brings us back to my original point.
That is too broad of a claim to refer to 5G as dangerous based on that claim when the term “5G” is too encompassing of a thing which simply has the 60Ghz radio bands within it’s allocated range.

From what I have found, Verizon Wireless is going to be using 28Ghz and 39Ghz bands for their 5G service.

BTW. SO far from what I have found, the bands in the 60Ghz range are reserved for military or science experiments (depending on region). Not wireless cellular!

So at this point isn’t it rather silly to be claiming that “5G” is going to disturb oxygen molecules in our bodies if we ALLOW cellular companies to upgrade to this service when such a thing is not even true?

The cellular companies each have bands allotted somewhere within the 20Ghz-100Ghz “5G” spectrum however they don’t use the entire spectrum but just bits and pieces allotted to them. Much of it nowhere near the oh-so-scary 60Ghz frequency.

I have not found the 60Ghz frequency range allotted to ANY wireless carrier!

My point here is that the growing conspiracy is incorrect by using the all encompassing term “5G” with the claims that it will radiate us. If you have concerns and want to bring awareness to some of the frequencies theorized to cause harm then it should be more specifically explained that there are some frequencies merely within that entire spectrum. But it isn’t the entire spectrum itself that is harmful. In REALITY the harmful frequencies are like a needle in the haystack within that entire 20Ghz to 100Ghz spectrum.

My Verizon cell phone and Verizon’s cellular repeaters are not going to be anywhere near that scary frequency.
And that is simply separating the FACT from the FICTION.

So are the radio waves harmful?
I’m sure they are to some degree.
But the power output from each phone is often less than 1 watt and the TOTAL power radiated from a given cellular repeater device will be under 100 watts, often with a fraction of that actually transmitting in your general direction.
The increasing use of technologies including the modern day food source all contributes to negative health in our society.
But the implementation of 5G is not going to be some sudden noticeable health effects due to being radiated.
It’s yet another aspect to the system as a whole that will be virtually undetected and thus CAN NOT BE PROVEN by virtually any means.

The real dangers to society are not going to be the theorized increase in radiation exposure but the fact that the new NECESSARY technology will not only open the door to the brick wall of limitations 4G has to the increased wireless speed and device availability demands but that jump in wireless technology will also open the door for a much greater ability to TRACK YOU within the cities where 5G will be implemented.

And speaking of where 5G will be implemented…
A discussion in a live chat last night on a show that I follow had a person making all sorts of claims to the dangers of 5G and when I pointed out that 5G is ONLY in populated cities the lady sternly told me that I was wrong and that “5G is everywhere!”

No. Not it is not.

And it is sad that someone will continue to argue with you on a given subject when it is clearly evident that they are solely regurgitating what they heard and don’t understand themselves (other than just some key words like “5G”) while you have already demonstrated that you have some legit background in the very subject.

The upper 5G spectrum of higher frequencies will not propagate around the terrain of the Earth or through and around buildings like lower frequencies.
Therefore 5G requires a lot more repeaters.
These repeaters will be smaller and installed at lower levels, often even inside buildings such as the mall etc.

They will start to integrate them into the smaller street light poles and other devices that are typically installed around a populated city.

5G repeaters will NOT be installed in the open areas such as down the interstates. It would require multiple repeaters per mile and there is no demand for such a thing as the amount of devices and the demands are vastly spread out in those cases.

With electronics as a field and a hobby of mine I can now get carried away with the geeky stuff if I don’t stop myself.

My overall point here is that people simply need to separate the fact from the fiction and in this case there is far more fiction than fact and when spreading a conspiracy that is vastly sourced on fiction it will only give ammo to the truther skeptics to easily ridicule and otherwise debunk the entire movement and concerns that we would like to learn about and to in turn educate others.

My intention of this blog post is just to post up some information I would like to share on the subject and I may add or edit some information as I am motivated to do so.
My goal is to HELP those within the awoken “truther” community. Not just simply argue or ridicule them. (I’ll save that for the flat-earthers).

One of my own created from scratch microprocessor based control boards for a DIY project

Being that I grew up involved in electronics as a hobby since the 70’s, hung out with the electronics repairmen who climbed and serviced the radio/TV towers in my hometown in the 80’s and 90’s, and that I had basic training of communications within electronics program in tech school so I therefore have a clear understanding on what a transistor is, what a wavelength is, what an antenna is, what a waveguide is, what a measurement in power is etc therefore it should be understood why I would take a special interest in this particular conspiracy and wish to serve my purpose in helping to clear up the FACTS from the FICTION.

I don’t specialize in this field of electronics however I do have the concepts to grasp the technology and the science behind it that 99% of those in the community evidently do not.

So if you find this information useful please pass this on to others to help stop the poisoning of the truther well and help each other fine tune the information that they share.

Feedback after my last 5G related post on social media:

Some articles of interest:

This is an article that is an example of someone who is critical of the “Dangers in 5G” Some of it is reaching but I do find some of the concerns and points valid and is not a total crackpot sounding article like many others:

And here’s an article demonstrating the poisoning of the truther well:
Take note that she is mentioning the 60Ghz frequency specifically while depicting a person using a cell phone.
That is totally inaccurate!

Here is an article that explains a little more of what 5G will be for wireless carriers:

And I had several people WHO ARE IN THE KNOW give me similar feedback.

3 thoughts on “5G Wireless: Separating FACT from FICTION to prevent the poisoning of the Truther well

  1. My question is, who’s to say they won’t turn the output up to 60Ghz or 100+Ghz? If all these repeaters are being installed anyways with the potential to go up to those levels who’s to say its not being put into place for future use after the “conspiracies” settle down and people just get used to it as the norm? Could that be a reason behind it

    • Even if they did, the dinky repeaters have no more than 100 watts of TOTAL power that is divided up to all RF energy transmitted. There would be mere watts or milliwatts at best in any given direction.

      But they won’t be using 60Ghz in secret. Way too many technicians and engineers who are a part of the infrastructure who would know.

  2. Alot of good information about what the telcoms are doing in regard to upgrading their cellular network with 5G Bands. There are a number of factors that were not considered here that I would like to point out.

    1) You make a number of claims that we don’t know what certain frequencies may do to humans. I’m curious, have you ever looked at the Glaser Report at ehtrust.org? If not, i’d suggest you check that out. Also, have you ever read, Arthur Firstenberg’s book, “The Invisible Rainbow”? There are tons of other great emf researchers out there, Dr. Devra Davis, Dr. Martin Pall, Dr. Magda Havas, Lena Pu, Dr. Thomas Cowan, to name just a few. There is plenty of research demonstrating that all non-ionizing microwave radiation is harmful to all life on this planet and should all be stopped immediately. Please as you grow in your knowledge, check out the research further. There are thousands upon thousands of studies referred to in Firstenberg’s book and the Glaser report demonstarting how harmful this shit is. I suggest you take a look. I think you are misleading people by any suggestions that nay of these frequencies are safe at all. All pusles non-ionizing radiation is deadly to life on this planet.

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