4 thoughts on ““San Fran-Sicko” – Documentary by Pastor Anderson

  1. I moved to SF bay area because i’m gay and want to be around other gay people. So far it’s worked out. We have an LGBT neighborhood called “the castro” in the center of SF and I go there all the time.

      • You seriously call yourself a true Christian when all your blog is about is literally just hating on LGBT, sending them to hell and using swear words? What about more peaceful ways of showing them it’s a sin as a loving neighbor? Shame on you.

        • Fags sent themselves to hell by FIRST rejecting God and God’s creation and them being a faggot is simply an attribute that clearly indicates that they have become a reprobate.
          And what is a “swear word”? Fag, Dyke, Homo, even Shit, etc are not a swear word in the slightest.
          Go get a dictionary. An old one before the Homos ad-libbed all the definitions to include your slang.

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