9 thoughts on “HARD PREACHING: Exodus 11 [Enhanced and Uncensored]

  1. What’s up virgins. Question: If the Bible is right all the time and you’re not just some pussy cafeteria Christians cherrypicking the parts of the Bible that make your cripplingly low IQs appear to produce decent ideas, are you fine with mass pedophilia and rape? The Bible promotes both in abundance. If you need more passages quoted with more pedophilia and rape acceptance, please ask and I’ll do more research.
    Numbers 31:1-18
    Deuteronomy 20:10-14
    Judges 21:7-11
    Judges 21:20-23
    Exodus 21:7-10

    • The Bible NEVER promoted Pedophilia or rape.
      Unless you read a FAGGOT MADE NIV perversion that changes the text for copyright and $$$ by the perverts who make it.
      Which is another reason why that is to be rejected.

      Numbers 31 doesn’t say to rape. It is preserving women and children alive (women who are not already defiled).

      And you twist the rest as well. But, again you got a queer brain. So there is no fixing that.

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