Pastor Charles Lawson attacks NIFB for preaching exactly what he preached against the Sodomites

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Years ago Pastor Lawson warning against “Hate Speech Laws” and how they will be used to promote the wicked Sodomite agenda while censoring preaching and Christian opinion in the workplace:

Watch this “Pastor Charles Lawson Then & Now” video clip of him preaching hard against the Sodomites just 4 years ago only to flip flop and declare that he’d “roll out the red carpet” for them to come into his own church as he attacks the NIFB pastors for now preaching exactly as he did in the past!
Hypocrite much?
Charles Lawson is a coward.
He preached against the Sodomites just fine when it was still expected in Baptist Churches but now that the world is embracing Sodomy he has become a coward. This only reveals where his heart was all along.

Here are some classic full length sermons by Pastor Charles Lawson who is preaching in a similar manner as the current NIFB that he now criticizes!

“Sodomy is an Abomination” – Pastor Charles Lawson

“The Truth about the Sodomites” – Pastor Charles Lawson

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