18 thoughts on “Celebrating July 4th with some Target Practice!

  1. ….. Aaaand here we see demonstrated the inability of NIFB cult members to actually engage in and discuss a topic. If they can’t just scream about things they hate without anyone questioning it they are left with this. Comical of course and at least it is easy to tell when they have nothing left to offer so it’s actually a great post 🙂 thanks fat boy Shawn 😉

  2. Actually, we’ve already walked all over your sorry faggot asses so many times that we only have this left to do.

    • Really? And how exactly have you “walked all over our sorry faggot asses?” Particularly when all you can do is scream, support for LGBT rights are increasing all over, the number of non religious people is increasing, pride events are bigger than ever…. Oh, and 2000+ years your silly, made up Jesus still hasn’t returned, and most of your kind are living on trailer parks with the worst education, highest rate of teen pregnancy and abortion, and most poverty stricken areas? You’re just angry, poor, inbred hicks with poor dental health and an obesity epidemic. You’re basically a parody of yourselves lol 🙂

      Oh, and I wear “faggot” with pride so it’s no insult to me even though I usually have sexually with women, sometimes my wife and I will include a guy or two…. Play your cards right Les, and maybe it could be you if you bother to bathe for a change 🙂

      Pride 🙂

    • Your mental prowess is staggering. So nothing about how you’re “walking all over our sorry faggot asses?” Lol. What a simpleton and you can’t even logically defend your hate of anyone not like you. Such a big world and you’ve confined yourself to an angry little cage…. Your life I guess. Keep being angry and ignorant and I’ll brace the complex world we live in 🙂 pretty sure if there’s a god he would laugh at you for being so stupid and tell me good job 😉 take care sweetie.

    • Lol, the joke is that you’re so insecure you go out of your way to harass someone not bothering you in the slightest. Also wash your damn hands, they look like you’ve been fisting Steven Anderson. My god, how pathetic and sad your life must be.

      • Once again when a filthy faggot has no possible direct retort to facts that were presented they have to go way deep into left field to find an insult somewhere.
        Such as mocking the working hands of an alpha-male.

        Unlike you, pervert. I design and produce things other than disease.
        And normal men and women respect that I’m not a man who has hands like a woman.

  3. Geez, if you’re going to edgelord with your pistol, could you at least handle it better than an airsofter? You’re looking pretty limp-wristed yourself

    • You wish, pervert.
      If you didn’t realize the situation, it was shot at night and I was looking through the camera.
      It was for effect of discharging the weapon for the effect. I wasn’t taking care to aim or anything.

      And believe me, when the shot counts, I can and do hit my target(s).

  4. Lousy shot, much?

    Honestly, I don’t understand your obsession with guns now. I’d understand somewhat if you are a hunter (unless you need a semi/fully automatic weapon), but if you actually like guns so much, surely you would USE them, and with that practice IMPROVE. Yet your lack of skill seems to indicate that you simply keep your guns on a rack somewhere, like a stuffed animal head or a pelt. Now I’m not saying I could do better than you (unless it’s with a bow), but I do find it rather amusing.

    Also, you should probably be aware that should you do something like this again, there’s now a paper trail. Just saying.

    • Well, unlike you I actually fire guns that are not confined to a video game.
      Also, if it wasn’t apparently obvious enough in the video, the shots were made at night without taking aim just for sake of the video effect.

      My username has over 10 years of history on youtube. So you think that firearms are a new “obsession”?
      HA HA!

      And by your comment, it sounds like you’re the typical media indoctrinated fool who doesn’t even know the difference between a semi and full auto.
      You probably think my AR-15 is an “assault rifle” too because losers often misquote them as such. HA HA

      And oh yeah, it isn’t illegal to shoot a target of “Internet Atheism” and refer to it as destroying atheism. This is America. Not shitty UK or Canada.

      • And unlike you, many of us have fired guns (and taken fire) when it actually matters instead of just for a dick measuring contest. Tough guys like you are a joke.

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