The LGBTp tactic of redefining words to deceive & silence the truth

The LGBTp’s favorite propaganda tactic is to hijack and redefine words in their attempt to control opinion and to shut down resistance to their perverted agenda


In this post I will go over some words that the LGBTp (and their allies) grossly misquote and even outright attempt to redefine in order to distract from the truth.

The sad thing is that once a word is hijacked and used as slang or just so often misused for a meaning having nothing to do with it’s origin, the online word dictionaries will add that slang or misuse as an additional entry.

This doesn’t mean that the word now means the slang or new use, but that the online dictionary is simply acknowledging it’s use. Although completely wrong and sadly the true origin of the word is often buried under the slang and/misuse of the word.

Remember. Our English words often have an origin either from an existing earlier language (such as Greek or Latin etc) or they come from a combination of root English words that when broken down to their root parts describe and explain the proper use or meaning!


Let’s begin with a word that is often so grossly misused by these mentally enslaved morons.



These full-retarded fools will declare that it is plain wrong to ever discriminate even without any context of WHAT you are discriminating!
They just love to add meaning to the root word and declare the entire attribute of discrimination as immoral!

But what does the root word actually mean?


It simply means to DISTINGUISH the difference between things! That’s it!
What you are discriminating (recognized the differences of) depends on context of the situation!

And as an action of that recognized difference a person can form a preference.


Let’s see some examples of how everyone in society discriminates on a daily basis:

When you walk up to a soda vending machine and you recognize what is available and you CHOOSE say Coke over Pepsi, you discriminated!

When you choose to buy a Ford rather than a Chevy, you discriminated!

When you prefer blondes over brunettes, you discriminated!


You recognized a difference and you formed a preference.



For example when the government takes tax funds and CHOOSES to help one identity of people over another. Such as “Affirmative Action” when the government bypasses merits of individuals regardless of sex or race and deliberately gives benefits to one group based on a ridiculous quota. Etc.

However. That type of discrimination BY AN INDIVIDUAL is not wrong.


Now let’s look at the additional entry in the online dictionary:


This entry is actually entirely wrong.
They are taking liberty by grossly adding to the root meaning of a word to suite the misuse of the root word by ignorant illogical political activists.


But let’s now go look at the origin of the word shall we?

BOOM! There is the root meaning. Simply to distinguish between. To recognize a difference.

WHAT you differentiate is based on context of the objects or persons.

And as shown above with choosing a soda or a car brand, such an act of discrimination in itself IS NOT WRONG to do as an individual or a private group such as a Church.


The bottom line is that the singled out word has been misused and abused so much that we even have otherwise educated politicians and media misusing the word to label individuals or private groups as immoral for their so-called “Discrimination“.

However in reality the mass of society has simply taken part in full-retard mode thanks to agenda groups such as the LGBTp.



Now let’s take a look at another grossly misused word:


This one really cracks me up. The butt-pirates and their allies love to hurl this word at you when they have nothing for a retort to any facts you have established in a discussion.

The word is grossly misused. It’s not a phobia to be repulsed by another persons premeditated and deliberately expressed actions or behavior.

Being repulsed by the filthy dysfunctional behavior of a sexual pervert is not a fear. It is a natural gut reaction!

And hating the wicked who promote such iniquity is not a phobia either.

It’s the right thing to do. (Click to see Psalm 139:19-24 KJV)





And yet another misused word:
(although it’s use was often exaggerated or misused before the LGBTp hijacked it.)


Because the LGBTp has no real leg to stand on when attempting to defend their disgusting dysfunctional behavior they will often resort to labeling the person who refuses to take part in their grand delusion as a Bigot.

That’s right. If you don’t embrace their ideology that their utterly dysfunctional poop-sex is equal to the functional natural order, then you are a bigot!

Now originally this word was adapted to refer to someone who is prejudice against a person of another race however the LGBTp have since hijacked the word to label someone as a bigot for not embracing their filthy dysfunctional behavior. The LGBTp hate the fact that most people are absolutely repulsed by their filthy dysfunctional behavior. And most LGBTp allies don’t actually consider what it is that the LGBTp actually do, otherwise they too would be repulsed. I know this is true because if you actually mention what the LGBTp physically do the otherwise “straight” ally to the LGBTp will be disturbed and want to change the subject.

So in lieu of all the facts, the LGBTp and their allies just opt to call you a “homophobe” or a “bigot“.


Now even the modern adapted definition as “a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions” is not immoral in itself!

Who says that you MUST embrace every behavior or ideology of another person or group?
Expecting that is just silly.




Oh. And how can we forget this word?


Now with this abused word we can’t even go to the dictionaries as they all but scrubbed the use of the word in English for centuries before and often just give the modern slang use that started in the 1960’s by LGBTp activists.


So instead let’s just use history to prove it’s ORIGINAL use and meaning.

Let’s start with the King James Bible as published in the year 1611:

That is just referring to joyous clothing. NOT something a Sodomite would like to wear!




Now how about popular old songs?

They are certainly NOT referring to a homosexual act!



And here is another:

The Flintstones theme!

They were CERTAINLY NOT telling the children that they would be committing filthy homosexual acts!



I could go on and on but I hope you got the point.

Words get hijacked and stolen in order to further a groups agenda.


However those of us who are not wicked and are of a superior intellect to the filthy Sodomites and their allies do our best to avoid lowering ourselves to take part in such sheer insanity.



Proper use of the word Gay:




Classic Jack Hyles sermon clip on the Sodomites:



The term Faggot” by Bro Bruce at FWBCLA:


5 thoughts on “The LGBTp tactic of redefining words to deceive & silence the truth

  1. Hey there, my dude! Funny how you don’t think we’ll do research into your crap. Guess we’re just a loser audience, though.

  2. You do know that what you describe isn’t character assassination. Character assassination is only what if it isn’t true. Like what you did to pretty much…. Everyone.

  3. And you say we don’t do our researchalso, that was a strawman not character assassination because character assassination has to be true. Do research that doesn’t involve your 2000-year-old book written by a bunch of straight white males.

  4. I didn’t believe that people could be truly evil. I always believed that humans are inherently good. That the conflicts that arise are because of sincerely held ideals, wanting to help others, and wanting to protect what each person perceives as sacred. I know now that is false. What you are doing here isn’t good. It doesn’t even seem routed in any good faith. You spew hatred and insults like venom at people who just want to live. You hold no sincerity.

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