Orlando NEWS interviews Pastor Boyle about the “Make America Straight Again” Conference

The bold bible believing and preaching Fundamental Baptist Pastor Boyle doesn’t back down when the NEWS interviews him about his “Make America Straight Again” conference coming mid June in Orlando, Fl




Another interview:

Isn’t it funny how the cops refuse to be hired to protect the event from violence yet the police will protect the Sodomites who are literally performing lewd acts publicly in front of children.




Pastor Boyle speaks about the Make America Straight Again conference




And here’s more reasons why we NEED this conference!

“Corporate PRIDE Branding Everywhere”




Bonus Video:
Pastor Anderson: “The Sodomites will NEVER stop us”

6 thoughts on “Orlando NEWS interviews Pastor Boyle about the “Make America Straight Again” Conference

  1. They sure did cover it and helped bring FAR more decent protestors than your cult members. Win for everybody 🙂

    • Decent protesters, eh!? They shut their stinking traps the moment Pastor Steven Anderson stepped out and confronted them!

      • Indeed they did, Les.
        And what is pathetic is that the male protesters were beta-males who hid behind the loudmouth women.
        And the loudest woman there looked to be a crack-whore!
        HA HA!

        Wow. Hundreds of people promise to protest and only a handful of them actually show up.
        As pathetic as the freaks are who show up you gotta know that the ones who stayed home behind their keyboard were even MORE pathetic that the freaks we see in the video!
        HA HA HA!

      • Of course they did. It’s always wise to let an idiot speak and give them enough rope to hang themselves. Plus it’s funny when that numpty speaks.

      • “Beta-makes?” LOL at least you didn’t check the “cuck” or “snowflake” box. And I’ll take a “beta-male” over a bunch of barely literate half toothless fairy tale believers who need a bunch of stupid stories as a crutch to get through life any day. Regardless, they’re all far more valuable, contributing citizens than your gas pumping, NASCAR, trailer park crowd 🙂

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