Pastor Anderson PREACHES FIRE during Wed night sermon!

Exodus chapter 2 by Pastor Anderson at Faithful Word Baptist Church May 15th, 2019



During the Wednesday Night preaching on Exodus chapter 2 Pastor Anderson preaches hard against the Sodomite LGBTp agenda in our society including some bold call outs of the cowardly Fundamental Baptist Preachers who sit on the wayside quietly and the controlled news media who wouldn’t know journalism if it bit them in a ass!

The 2nd half of this sermon gets ripping! Enjoy!


Highlight clips!



Make America Straight Again conference featuring New IFB Preachers [Mirror copy]


Revival Baptist Church Orlando

”Make America Straight Again”
June 14th, June 15th, June 16th
Pastor Tommy McMurtry
Pastor Steve Anderson
Pastor Aaron Thompson
Pastor Roger Jimenez

3 thoughts on “Pastor Anderson PREACHES FIRE during Wed night sermon!

  1. Absolutely repulsive what you people are doing , ugly excuse for human existence this entire church should be burned to fucking ash LGBTQ people are FUCKING PEOPLE !!! Human beings !! That’s more than what can be said for you repulsive people if I believed there was a hell of wish you all to burn eternally in it go fuck yourself Revival Baptist Church

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