Body cam footage of Chandler Police violating the rights of Baptist Soul Winners is a collection of body cam footage obtained from the Chandler Police Department of the incident with FWBC Soul Winners at an apartment complex

The female wanna-be cop was clearly reacting to her own hatred for God and could not be reasoned with.

One of the soul winners was trying to site the ruling that door to door evangelism was not considered soliciting and was protected by the 1st Amendment. A apartment manager doesn’t have the right to make the decision for each private residence. However the wicked cop didn’t want to be reasoned with and she seemed to be on some sort of female hormone induced rampage.

Watch the video clips below:








The original video clips taken by Pastor Anderson and the Soul Winners from FWBC







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2 thoughts on “Body cam footage of Chandler Police violating the rights of Baptist Soul Winners

  1. Late this afternoon, I was surfing on the Internet and landed on Bruce Gerencser’s blog. He had a blog story, only a few days old, about your activities. It included a link to your blog, which is how I arrived here. If you think Gerencser and his blog are bad news for Bible-believing Christians, you should take a look at this one:

    Bible-believing Christians have always thought of themselves as a “people under siege.” The usual assumption has been that the barbarians at the gates of true Christianity were a vast horde of unrepentant sinners across our great nation. It appears now that many Americans who are Christians are now part of that horde that has the Lord’s “last remnant people” under siege. This Garabedian guy is not the only one. There are many, many, many more out there just like him. All of them are Christians—many saved and baptized in Bible-believing churches. They are now enemies of the kinds of churches they were raised in—and they hate President Trump—who many regard as the last hope (outside of Christ) for Bible-believing Christians in our country. If President Trump and THE WALL go down, what on Earth is to become of true Christians and our nation?

    • Trump is a LIAR and won’t do jack for Christians.

      Trump promised throughout his campaign to end abortion.
      He continued a nice big fat fund to Planned Parenthood. A private business!
      Then makes a dangerous new law that makes humans a felony if convicted of “animal cruelty”.

      Trump then attacked the 2nd amendment several times thus far with his support of “red flag laws” (“take the guns first, due process later”) and his ban on bump stocks. Just another infringement and him wiping his arse with the constitution.

      Piss be upon Trump. The devil that he is.

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