Céline Dion works iniquity for Satan by promoting gender-neutral children’s clothing

Céline Dion Launches Satanic Gender-Neutral Clothing Line for Children  [Video]

Another Hollyweird freak uses what celebrity status she has remaining to further promote the modern madness of cross dressing and “non binary” gender bending of our future generations in this increasingly Godless society.

Watch the video below:

From her website:

"CELINUNUNU liberates children from the traditional roles of boy/girl, and enables younger people to grow on values of equality..."

The product description for the “NEW ORDER” infant clothing:

"Have you heard? The world order is shifting. The kids are at the helm of the new regime, and they’re throwing out the old rules. This dope black onesie has that cool, grunge-y layered look at the sleeves. Call it early onset rebellion."

One look at those Celine “partnered” with explains the motive.

From the freak’s website there are hints all over about raising the children gender-less

Watch this HLN interview with the Satanic whore and the freaks she has partnered with to bring the perverted clothing line to the parents stupid enough to buy them for their children.

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Céline Dion says her gender neutral clothing line for kids with nununu was inspired, in part, by her twin sons' unexpected interests on a trip to Disney.More – Celine remembers Rene, and reveals how she keeps him with her: http://bit.ly/2QDvECI

Posted by Morning Express with Robin Meade on Wednesday, November 14, 2018

WeAreChange Report: “SHOCKING! You Won’t Believe What Céline Dion Wants Babies To Wear!”

If you want to understand HOW people become such Satanic workers of iniquity as Celine Dion, watch the videos below:

“The Queer Bait Fag Hag Jew Bagger Benjaminites”

Powerful Documentary: “Psychopath Reprobates”

4 thoughts on “Céline Dion works iniquity for Satan by promoting gender-neutral children’s clothing

  1. Well at least she was arrested by a man and a woman. As well she should be with all the hell-a-weird freaks. Normal people should be up in arms, protesting this garbage. Another sign that the end is very near.

    • Yeah, arrested by what seemed to be some remaining normal people.

      You’re right, bro. People should be protesting this stuff but alas they are too distracted and brainwashed to notice what is happening to their own people.

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