The Madness of Calvinism – Old World Order Heretics attack sound preaching

The madness of Calvinism

Behold the madness of Calvinism!


I was alerted to a Facebook group page titled Old World Order that attacked the sound preaching of Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church.
In the attack it mentioned my old 1995 song “Slay the Faggot”.
A song that originated as a joke between a coworker and I.
The coworker was being stalked by an old customer who would call the shop asking to talk to him and attempting to lure him into participating in “Going out to the clubs, all expenses paid”.
The coworker wanted nothing to do with the sick disgusting reprobate queer.
I later released the song onto the internet when the Sodomites were going insane over prop 8 in California and we all got a wake up call at how far AmeriKa had fallen.

While the song was initially a joke, it is bold. It was also in a defensive tone. However in a RIGHTEOUS society, the Sodomites would be either cast out or put to death.
This was even the case in the forming years of good ol’ America!

As I read through the banter on this facebook group page it becomes apparent that these losers are CALVINST.

Calvinists are insane.
They believe that there is no free will and that God predestined everything. This includes who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell.
And more bizarre than that, they also believe that God is behind EVERY act of mankind. Even the wicked deeds.
(This is impossible, and easily proven with scripture like Jeremiah 19:5 and Jeremiah 32:35 KJV).

So according to loser Cavinites, God both predestined who becomes an elect as well as is in control of all actions of man.
Well, that would make God a pervert!
Because according the that sick doctrine, God causes some people to become a vile Sodomite that does vile unnatural acts among themselves and then becomes a believer, one of the elect.

That is one of the most insane and perverse doctrines I have ever heard in my life!

Watch the rebuke video below:

Here are some sermons and sermon clips that these losers really hate Pastor Anderson for:

Bold preaching against the Sodomites. Something that most modern preachers are too afraid to preach:


And of course this old yet very bold sermon clip about Sodomites:





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