The billboard advertisers think that you are all ignorant losers!

Which is proven by observing a sample of the billboards erected around the Metro-Phoenix area

Let’s review what they have erected all over our city to influence your mind

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Lots of billboards telling you how great it is to get drunk. This is but a tiny sample. Read this warning










Lots of billboards all around the city are also advertising getting high.
Although these frequent the more poor parts of town.
So again, it proves what they think of you. A loser.
















And then they got the booze for those who like to get other dudes drunk… Read this warning










They got billboards to persuade a person to get drunk AND blow their money on gambling.
The one on the right attracts women to gambling with male strippers (typically, queer male dancers)









I have no idea what the heck this “show” was about but it says MATURE AUDIENCES










Don’t forget to get your tattoos! Because they definitely know that you can’t refuse peer pressure.










And they got smut to allure men to drink their booze










Billboards eluding to the idea that your good friends are the ones that go boozing with you











Of course they want you to believe that you have a boring life in the bedroom











So in the mix of all those billboards that use booze, weed and other forms of partying to entice you to their various products now they introduce the products that prove what a loser they believe you actually are!












They want to entice you to live a hardcore stoned and drunken lifestyle full of fornication and adultery but then don’t forget to go get your STD treatments!!!!        STD’s are a due punishment for vile lifestyles

















And of course, this is who they would LIKE you to become












And if you are a man, this is how they want you to dress












A few other billboards from around our city that seem to be some agenda to change in our culture








Feel stupid yet? Well, that’s what they expect. Stupid buys their product and stupid furthers their wicked agendas.





On the flipside someone has been funding all these Christian based billboards around the valley.










The bible way to heaven:






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