because queers need rebuke!

How to make “Awareness Stickers” to post in public

People often ask where I get the “Awareness¬†stickers”.

I purchase the Avery #25395 NAME BADGES from Walmart. They can also be found at most Office Supply stores.
I use the Avery Microsoft Word plugin downloaded from the Avery website.
My printer is an HP 6510 that I refill the ink cartridges with cheap ink bottles I bought on eBay about 4 years ago.

Below is what the printed stickers look like:

because queers need rebuke!

Fag rebuke stickers



Watch the video below to see how I make the stickers:



Watch the video below to see an example of my kids and I posting them whenever we go to a store or other public space:



Fag rebuke sticker at McD

Faggotism rebuke sticker posted at McDogfood’s


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