Baptist Pastor destroys the “Flat Earth” theory… AGAIN!

“The Flat Earth Debunked” (KJV Baptist Preaching)

Watch the video below:



Here’s my take on the Flat Earthers:

Most flat earthers just copy n paste internet nonsense and then ridicule people who won't just take their word for it. Yet not one local flat earther has agreed to go out and do some real world tests. 
Such as: 

*Go to one high mountaintop and visually observe another at the greatest distance possible. (Such as viewing the San Francisco peaks near Flagstaff) from as near to Phoenix as possible and then plotting the expected angle of view depending on BOTH a globe earth and a flat earth calculation as opposed to distance. 

*Put a pole in the ground at two points at least 400 miles away, east and west, and have one person filming at each location at the same time. You should be able to calculate the expected shadows on the ground from the sun from BOTH a globe earth and a flat earth. 

*Go around the state with a DirecTV or DISH system (depending on what you have access to) and calculate the angular altitude and azimuth at that location to pinpoint the satellite up in space. (Note: You have to aim DIRECTLY at the satellite. There is only one direction that works and the dish can not vary but a fraction of a degree to receive signal). After you do this at at least three different locations at some distance apart, you can "triangulate" the position of the satellite in orbit. You should be able to plot the results on BOTH a globe earth and a flat earth and prove one versus the other. 

That alone should be enough and they are things that many people are capable of doing or learning how to do. However. The flat earthers won't do it. They are do nothing keyboard warriors who talk big and condescending without knowing what they are even talking about or even willing to go actually OBSERVE in the real world. When you call them on their BS, such as their cartoon animations or their drawings that are GROSSLY inaccurate or off scale, such as their depictions of looking at objects a mere 80 miles away and expecting to see LESS THAN 1DEGREE OF ANGULAR DIFFERENCE between globe vs flat plots which you'd NEVER see with the naked eye, they just change the subject or say you are deceived by NASA. 

But seriously. To the flat earthers. Come on. Put up or shut up! Let's go do these tests!


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