“Psychopath Reprobates” – New 2018 Documentary from Verity Baptist Church

Watch the new 2018 Documentary “Psychopath Reprobates” from Verity Baptist Church in Sacramento, CA

Video below:




Alternative copy on vk social media site. Due to it’s long length, this requires you to be logged in to a vk account to watch.I do recommend people have a vk account anyway. It is a Russian based Facebook that is popular in Europe however it does not have the same draconian censorship as does Facebook and YouTube.



Also watch a recent sermon from Verity Baptist Vancouver “God gave them up” based on the same topic.




Watch another video from Verity Baptist Church Vancouver “Our policy on Pedophiles and Sodomites”




Watch “The truth about the Sodomites” from Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, AZ


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