Does Jesus do away with law against certain sins in the NT?

This is a response to those who suggest that “Jesus did away with the law against…” such as laws against adultery and particularly the law against Sodomy.

The sad thing is that less than 1% of Christians are reading their Bibles front to back even one time so that they would know that these claims are gross misquotes of scripture.


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One such scripture that is misquoted is John 8 where the adulteress is brought to Jesus and then they skip the theme of the event and skip down to verse 11 where Jesus tells he that he does not condemn her and to go and sin no more. (Funny, because “Go and sin no more” suggests that it was a sin).

The entire theme there in John 8 KJV was that the Scribes had been coming up with situations to try to entrap Jesus and in this case they thought they had Jesus in a catch-22 by bringing to him a woman that was “caught in the act of adultery”. You see. The law of God handed down through Moses to the Hebrew people said that the sin of adultery was punishable by death. However, at this time the Jews had no right to put people to death (see John 18:31 KJV when they brought Jesus to Pilate). Under Roman law, which they were under in their own land, they could not put people to death for adultery. Much the same way that modern Christians in the USA are under a government that once punished adultery but compromised over time and no longer punishes for it at all today. In John 8 you see Jesus outsmart the Pharisees and escape their trap. Whatever Jesus wrote in the ground caused the guilt ridden Pharisees to walk away thus leaving no one left to accuse the woman. So of course she was set free. Jesus doesn’t condemn her however he does not do away with any law. Jesus fulfills the law. Carnal law. The natural laws are still in effect. It is just that various people and governments no longer have laws of the land that are completely based on the word of God.



“Which Old Testament laws no longer apply?”

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