Pedophile operated clothing store for young “transgender children”!

It appears that the wicked LGBTP is offering clothing specialized in cross dressing young K-5 aged children!

Watch the video below:



The LGBTP (pedophiles) are at it again.
I’m really hoping that this is just a satire site but it looks to be real.
It’s even got the dot biz website extension which is typically for a business however I assume it could be registered for satire.
In the second half of the video I expose some devices that are made to help girls impersonate a boy with a penis and to pee standing up!
The website is
Please call them and rebuke them for their pedophilia!
THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “TRANS-SEXUAL”, especially in Pre pubescent children!!!

What is a reprobate?

Watch the videos below for the answer:







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