More proof that pedophile Sodomites seek positions where they can access children

Rick Warren’s youth group pastor Ruven Muelenberg is accused of committing lewd acts with two teens boys. Officials think there might be more victims. Greg Mills reports

More proof that the Sodomites, who are ALL pedophiles to some degree, will seek positions that facilitates their access to children. a.k.a. Jerry Sandusky of Penn State who set up an organization for “underprivileged young boys” (boys without a father, etc whom are easier targets).

And in this case and others, Reprobate Sodomites will even take positions within churches where many people will blindly assume them to be trustworthy! And this pervert is no different. See the video below at 1:00 minute into the video where they explain that he had an organization targeted at 7th and 8th grade boys!

Watch the video below:


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