Kicked out of bowling alley for STRAIGHT PRIDE!

Baptist brethren go bowling wearing their STRAIGHT PRIDE team t-shirts and get persecuted by the Sodomite infested bowling alley!

Watch the video below:
(the video was already recording when the Sodomite approached us for a confrontation).


This of course was while a small bowling league of Sodomites were also playing while wearing their perverse “GAY PRIDE” shirts.
They also had God mocking rainbow bowling towels etc.
The guy who eventually identified as the owner initially came up and got in my face repeatedly asking for my name.
That was weird in itself.
It eventually became apparent that they (the “its”) were trying to incite a confrontation. He was claiming that it had nothing to do with our shirts however the shirts definitely attracted some pissed off Sodies.
A few weeks ago there were a few Sodies here and they stared down my brother who was wearing his black STRAIGHT PRIDE shirt.
This time I wore the new red STRAIGHT PRIDE shirt. The red is more bold for sure. You can’t miss it!
Now I will admit that we were often rebuking the site of the Sodomites as well as singing some of the sing lyrics that we had written/are writing such as “Filthy Faggots” and “Sodomite Reprobate”.
However, none of us walked up to the filthy animals to say things. We were merely having conversation among ourselves and the Sodders could overhear. HA HA
Now watch the video from a few weeks ago when we realized that there might be a Sodomite themed league in this bowling alley!



Below is a video showing us hanging out at that perverted Let It Roll bowling alley as we ate pizza and realized how Sodomite infested it actually was.

Since there were so many Sodomites there we instinctively conversed and sung some songs about it.
We didn’t walk up to the Sodomites and talk to them or yell in their face. However we did openly talk about the vile behaviors among ourselves and if the Sodomites could hear it, tough luck. In what is left of America, we still got free speech to talk and sing about what we want. It is our way of venting after being exposed to disgusting filth.


Eww! Look at this filth!
Here’s a video from the Queer infested bowling center.
Notice that their advertisement is all about BRING YOUR KIDS?
That disgusts me now that I know that this center is infested with Sodomite Pedophiles.
And this guy knows it!!!


5 thoughts on “Kicked out of bowling alley for STRAIGHT PRIDE!

  1. For someone who’s talking so much about how everyone there is creepy, you certainly took your liberties in filming other people and commenting on the physical qualities that bothered you

  2. Whoever runs this page is a pathetic excuse for a human being! It’s funny how when someone Christian or catholic does something inherently wrong (such as rape young children) their faith isn’t broughten up. However the second anyone who’s “a fag” or “a member of the LGBTP” (its the lgbt by the way, we don’t reclaim pedos) their sexuality is what’s wrong. If these “sodomites” were complaining about religious people loudly, I’m sure you’d be up in arms about how heathenus they were, so what gives you the right to be a completely horrible person and loudly complain about their life style? I hope you know that this is in fact coming from a minor too, not some “65 year old pedo”. Hope you get a life and maybe try to actually better your community instead of spending all your free time bashing gay people. Seems someone doesn’t want my comment posted so here it is again, without any “harsh words”.

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