Smackdown of sheeple friends who are deceived by the media – A much needed rant!

Smackdown of sheeple friends who are deceived by the media

Play the video below:
(Warning, some stern language but nothing too bad)

It is frustrating when you cite legit evidence and your sheeple friends will just assume that you are speaking of crackpot conspiracy theories while not actually taking just 30 seconds to check and see if what you had sourced as evidence was true.
This here quickly thrown together video highlights the typical process of trying to awaken a friend who has his world view defined by Commie News Network/MSLGBT/FAUX SNOOZE etc.
The really hilarious thing in this case is that just an hour or so after my friend and his sheeple buddies were assuming that I am just making up an unfounded claim, the evening show on 92.3 KTAR NEWS TALK RADIO “Reality Check with Darin Damme ” just happens to mention the same exact comparison of what got American’s to back the 1991 Gulf War to what is happening today with the Syrian incident.
That was priceless. I was once a fellow zombie but then I woke up and saw things how they really are.
Notice: This video is really just a response to a sheeple friend (a la I TOLD YOU SO) but maybe some of you will enjoy it as well.

60 Minutes report on the 1991 Gulf War “Baby Incubator” Testimony fraud.

Click the link below for the podcast of the 92.3 KTAR talk show speaking about the latest Syria Gas Attack and the comparison to the 1991 events to get the sheeple Americans to get behind that bogus war!

Reality Check with Darin Damme   –

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