“Furry Fandom” Pedophile Ring gets BUSTED!

Network of men rape and share boys with other pedophile homosexual men while wearing ANIMAL COSTUMES!


Watch the video below:

Via The Washington Post
In late June, a Pennsylvania man named Jeffrey Harvey, 40, made arrangements to meet a 13-year-old child. The meeting never took place — the child was in fact an undercover federal agent. Authorities arrested Harvey. Held in a Lackawanna County jail, the man was charged with unlawfully contacting a minor as well as involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and statutory sexual assault.

More sinister still was what authorities say Harvey divulged after his arrest.

Investigators had cracked open what they alleged to be a secret group of child abusers, a pedophile ring or “network” that centered on a boy subject to repeated sexual abuse, the Pennsylvania Attorney General said in a statement. Some of the men involved wore animal costumes. On Friday, police arrested a 57-year-old man named Kenneth C. Fenske in Pennsylvania’s Bucks County. Fenske, prosecutors said, would dress up in a red fox suit at “furry parties” before allegedly raping the young victim.....
Read more —> https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2017/01/31/prosecutors-boy-sexually-abused-at-furry-parties-by-man-who-wore-fox-costume
So the next time you encounter a troll with a fox or similar animal face used for their profile photo, just remember that dressing up like animals is common among pedophile Sodomites.

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  1. Hi brother – hope you’re OK. I’ll be seeing PSA and Garrett in Malawi next month 😀 pretty please can I ask you for a batch of “rebuke” stickers, to send to Malawi with one of them for me? I had asked them to ask you but I’m asking too… thanks!

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