“Born that way, burn that way” – Baptist rips a perverted book that is creeping into churches

“Born that way, burn that way” – Short Baptist preaching video rebuking the perverted book titled “Born that way after all”  that is creeping into churches to promote Sodomy!









New sermon preached by Pastor Steven Anderson on 01-11-17

8 thoughts on ““Born that way, burn that way” – Baptist rips a perverted book that is creeping into churches

  1. Hey brother! I just wanted to ask for a few eloquently put words, which only you could do in your special way 🙂
    How did you celebrate the faggot paedophile George Michael dying? Personally, we went out for breakfast, I had chicken wings and toasted his descent into Hell. (saving the steak meal for when Elton John burns)
    Not to mention watching the godless people squirm and wail over the death of their beloved bum-banger – and getting pissed off at all the pseudo-Christians saying he’s in Heaven!

    Anyway, email me when you can or if you want – I miss you guys but all the same I really hate Fagbook…

    • Hey bro! I just realized who this was. Long time no see. I hope it’s all going good.
      As for George Michael going to hell, it was an awesome feeling knowing that sudden destruction finally came upon that pervert.

  2. BTW if you want to see a case of irony… in the UK (more like “you gay”) the soccer body, the government, the media are BEGGING for major league soccer players to come out as perverts. At the exact same time, a major paedophile ring is being exposed from the 1970s-1990s where there were hundreds of poor victims of fags. Of course the brainwashed Brits don’t see a link between homos and paedos – they’re not allowed to. One darts player (Eric Bristow) did see the link and posted it on Twitter, then lost his job and a few gigs. Because the UK is one of THE most godless, Christ-hating, fag-loving countries in the world. A truly horrible place. Pray for the few UK Christians that do live there because they are in danger, already.

  3. hey 4g, therockkkkher here, been a while, what is your you tube page name now adays? left a reply on your gay nightclub piece but you didnt get back to me, hope you are well for you are a good man in a sea of sickening hatred.

  4. BTW brother, the fags in South Africa are rabid as hell. They’re targeting Pastor Bougardt by writing crap on their fagsite and the local scum media is copy-pasting their filth to the MSM.

    Pray for Pastor Bougardt and pray for those SA fags – who are being paid by the US government to spread sodomy across Africa and to deliberately target Pastor Anderson and anyone who associates with him – to die quickly and go to Hell. By “Operation Gay SA Radio” they are being funded by another country to deliberately influence SA’s policies and this is treason/terrorism. Pray that someone in SA will wake up and arrest these criminals.

    • Wow. It will be very bad for those wicked workers of iniquity when they meet Jesus Christ on judgment day. That is for sure!
      It’s also SICK that our tax dollars help start up that FAG-SA radio.

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