Pastor Anderson & FWBC members in Botswana – Assorted videos!

Assorted videos of Pastor Anderson and other church members in Botswana


The Point 20 Sept 2016 – Pastor Anderson, Cain Youngman and Rev Mampane on Botswana radio show

Of course the radio show brings on opposing “reverends”, one being a queer, who don’t even believe the bible!

You will notice that as always these idiots keep speaking and grossly misquoting the bible but never open the actual bible for the source or authority of what they believe.




Watch the first sermon at FWBC Botswana




Botswana Update #1




Botswana update #2




Botswana Update #3




Heap coals of fire on Minister Gigaba




Paul Wittenberg about the deportation




Pastor Anderson is taken away by immigration




Botswana update #4

Part 1 – Deported




Part 2 – Deported

Botswana update #5 – Garrett was arrested!



Botswana update #6 – School preaching success



Batswana Trip is a victory!

Just think. Pastor Anderson and the other soul winners who went to South Africa and Botswana did more in a week than most missionaries do in years!




Pastor Anderson on eBotswana news concerning the Sodomite that needed to be thrown out of the church!



Botswana update #7 – “What a failure!”





Brother Garrett Kirchway just two weeks before he went to Botswana



Brother Garrett Kirchway preaches at FWBC after his return from Botswana – 10-02-2016





A man claiming to NOT be “Homosexual” tries to set up FWBC Botswana [ENHANDED AUDIO]








6 thoughts on “Pastor Anderson & FWBC members in Botswana – Assorted videos!

  1. Your beloved “pastor” Anderson has rightly been banned from entering South Africa, the United Kingdom and (despite his lies about leaving voluntarily) has now been deported from Botswana. His hatred of gays probably springs from a latent homosexuality and he should just come out of the closet.

      • I don’t know if you and Pastor Anderson and the other members of FWBC and the other Pastors and members of affiliated churches realise this, but the supposed Orlando shooting was a complete hoax and no one was killed. That goes for other staged terrorist attacks like the Paris shootings, which Pastor Anderson has done a sermon. By being ignorant of this fact and speaking as if these events were real, Pastor Anderson, Jimenez, etc are legitimising these hoaxes, which is what the satanic elite want and it’s playing into their hands. The Orlando hoax was also designed to get sympathy for the sodomites. If Pastor Anderson and Pastor Jimenez had of called out these staged events for what they are and spoke about the agenda of the satanic elite including to foster sympathy for the sodomites then that would have been far better. There’s a lot of material out there on the internet showing these events to be scams where no body died. I usually watch the Peekay Truth channel on Youtube to get this info although there are several others. Even though Peekay Truth swears a lot and I appears to be an atheist I think his material on these hoaxes is very good. Please look at the info and make Pastor Anderson aware that these events are hoaxes. If you could show Pastor Anderson this comment that would also be good.

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