The Real & Only Truth about the Sodomites [Video]

A compilation of several sources including Pastor Steven Anderson, Pastor David Berzins, Pastor Roger Jimenez, Pastor Donnie Romero, Pastor Charles Lawson, Bradlee Dean from the Sons of Liberty and more

Watch the video below:



And here’s the original video that started it all:

“THE TRUTH ABOUT THE SODOMITES” by Pastor Steven Anderson

(This full length video requires you to be signed in to vk to watch it.)



2 thoughts on “The Real & Only Truth about the Sodomites [Video]

  1. ay 4g, therockkkkher here, just saying whats up, left a few contact comments lately, whats your u tube chan now, anyways thanks again for being truth brother, take care , be safe

    • Hey buddy.
      I don’t use YouTube that much anymore.
      I do have a few old ones still up like GodGunsGutsGloryXtra and SodomAndAmerika where I post some videos.
      The bold videos will trigger the flaggots who gotta flag-it so I just upload those videos directly to this website instead and self host or I use a Russian video site etc that doesn’t bow down and kiss fag ass like YouTube does. 🙂

      Keep up the good fight brother!

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