Response to Orlando Gay Bar Shooting (Florida nightclub) – Pastor Steven Anderson

Response to Orlando Gay Bar Shooting (Florida nightclub) by Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona


***UPDATE*** New response video from Pastor Anderson (06-16-16):







Watch pastor Anderson’s first video response:
(The original video that was removed by youtube as a part of one sided pro LGBT censorship)



A response from Pastor Anderson about the video that was removed

“115,000+ views on my video before being CENSORED by YouTube”




Another response video this time by Pastor Roger Jiminez of Verity Baptist Church in Sacramento, CA

The Christian Response to the Orlando Murders (Pastor Roger Jimenez | VBC Sacramento CA)




The news attacks the sermon above:





Another news interview with Pastor Roger Jiminez however this seemed like an unedited version.

Great interview! I added some captions to it.




***UPDATE 06-16-16***

Protesters at Verity Baptist Church – These tools wouldn’t know the word of God if a bible smacked them in the head.





News reporters ambush Pastor Jiminez at his home (06-16-16)

(Pastor Jiminex don’t hide as he’s no coward)






Another news report of the protest that is full of Reprobate idiots!
Look at the filthy lesbian try to tell the news her twisted version of the bible!
And that FAG pastor spews the nonsense that you can not mix Polyester and Cotton clothing. Say what? The Bible NEVER FORBID MIXING JUST ANY TWO FABRICS! IDIOT! It forbid mixing animal based clothing with plant based clothing. Symbolic for works vs grace. But fag pastors wouldn’t know that!
Hey dyke, how about you read Deuteronomy 22:5???
Deut 22 5Watch the video below:




Pastor David Berzins exposes sodomite agenda after Orlando shooting – 06-18-2016





Round 2 – Next Live Interview on Irish Radio (different station)



The “shooter” was a regular at that Queer night club.
So basically this shooting was probably just perpetrated by a jealous Homo!
Too bad CNN, MSNBC or FOX won’t spend any effort looking into those factoids.






Watch the documentary AIDS: The judgment of God
(Click on video to start playback)



The path a person takes to BECOME a Homosexual:

Fags and Romans 1


8 thoughts on “Response to Orlando Gay Bar Shooting (Florida nightclub) – Pastor Steven Anderson

    • hey 4g, therockkkkher here, been a while, got a new you tube name?, yeah buddy its getting really bad, i thought i have seen it all, ive had alot of probs here in florida, trying to move to knoxville tenn. as it is good still, get me back jack!!!

  1. I love these. I have never seen a bunch of hateful and bigoted gang of God haters like I’ve seen in the homosexual online community.

  2. Fagbook is now blocking people over posting mere Bible verses, while allowing those filthy faggots to post death threats and rape threats to Christians.

  3. Pastor Anderson’s insight into that so-called “Orlando Shooting” remains the most lucid account of that event– just like this article here on your blog is the most objective explanation of the event and the Pastor’s comments– Adding passages from Scripture, posting “the path a person takes to become a homosexual”, etc. puts everything in its proper perspective– which is to say, according to Christ’s Message.

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