Ktizo Cult, another UCC Sodomite ran church in Phoenix, Arizona

Yet another Sodomite ran United Church of Christ in the Arizona valley.
And the person running the youth activities IS A GOD HATING REPROBATE SODOMITE!


UPDATE May 8th, 2016

This Sodomite cult has not posted a big RAINBOW FLAG on the front of their building.
I guess they need to compete with the 7th Ave United Church of Christ Cult to see who can declare their sin as Sodom the most!

Isa 3 9 Declare sin as sodom WP_20160508_16_22_38_Moment(4)










This is their Facebook website¬†—> https://www.facebook.com/groups/newchurchphx/

After looking at this you can not deny that they are ran by Sodomites.
The really wicked thing is the Homosexual running the church facebook page is also running the church youth activities! Yes, if you drop your children off at this church this Queer will be the one organizing your child’s activities!


Below are some screen captures I took of their church website and facebook page.


Ktizo UCC 00 Open to Queers


Take note below how the person running the church facebook page is a Sodomite. Check the name…

Ktizo UCC 02 Facebook mod is a fag




Now look who is running the children’s activities!
Ktizo UCC 02 Facebook mod and kids activity person is a fag



The Husband and Wife “Pastor Team” don’t get their qualifications from the bible. They got them from the anti-Christ worldly Theological schools!

Ktizo UCC 01 Female preacher

On their Facebook page they have a Sodomite who is a pastor at another United Church of Christ cult church!

Ktizo UCC 06 More fag pastors at UCC



God will not be mocked! When Jesus does appear before these people, it will not be for their benefit!

Ktizo UCC fag pastor


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