4G original songs!

My awesome collection of ORIGINAL songs!!!

Here are a collection of sings that I have written and recorded over the years whenever I was motivated to do so.

“Philthy Phaggots (How the all bleed)” – Very descriptive of the Sodomite agenda.

How they all bleed (Philthy Phaggots)




Here’s the same song but what I had initially started to work on however ended up sticking to a simple acoustic version as linked above. I never finished it in this format but included it because the unfished project, although not really working, makes me laugh out loud!
(You hear me literally laugh out loud in the song at one point because of the awesome lyrics I mustered up)





“Lady gaga’s goin’ to hell” – One of my favorites!





When Robin Williams died I wrote this tribute for him: “Robin Williams is in hell”

“Slay the Faggot” (2009 version)

One of the songs that started it all! Originally written by me in approx. 1995. I later re-recorded it in 2009 when the Queers were coming out big time due to the Prop-8 issues when they decided to troll and attack anyone on social media who was not on board with their faggotry.
The Homos really hate this song and often misquote it as it was actually originally a joke for a friend based on a TRUE STORY of how an older Faggot kept calling our shop to try and convince the 19 year old boy to go party with him in the valley, all expenses paid INCLUDING A HOTEL. Silly faggots don’t get it through their head that normal folk are not interested. I told Dan that he was just going to have to “Slay the Faggot”. Hence the lyrics are to Dan about the older queer “Larry”.

Many of the images shown in this video are of youtube accounts ran by homosexual trolls who were going around attacking Christian accounts at the time (2008-2009 etc). Several of them grouped together to call themselves “The Trolls of Terror”. Or ToT for short.
Their own images of themselves revealed them to be pathetic queers and cross dressers.

(Click on the video to start playback)




For a good laugh check out this video below from this Queer defender who tried to transcribe my old song “Slay the faggot”.
He mixed up some of the words which made it even more funny.

The fags and this guy were trying to claim that my song was a direct death threat to the Sodomites.
However the idiot even mentioned himself that we (myself and fellow Christians in my acquaintance) had sited that the song was a true story and originally a joke.

This James Pope idiot of course is wrong on many facts in this video below.
For example, the song “Slay the faggot” really was a joke between a coworker and myself.
The song does indeed say “Slay the faggot” most of the time with the occasional “faggots” plural. Which I pretty much modified to when I rerecorded the song in 2009 (in response to the California Prop 8 debacle) while the 1995 song was “faggot” singular about the guy “Larry” who was stalking my coworker “Dan”.

This fag/fag lover James Pope and his faggot comrades were also claiming that I was “stalking women” with my camera.
What a total slanderous idiot. I was actually making daily blog videos at the time and one day in particular I was eating lunch in my vehicle at the In-N-Out Burger parking lot doing a blog recording of myself when two women walked by and I then pan the camera to the women for a moment and mockingly say to the FAGS (that I know were watching my videos): “Why the heck would you pass up something like THAT (the pretty younger women), to be with another man???”
Yeah. Total idiots. It is NOT “stalking” when you have been in a public location for several minutes and then someone else shows up!

But what do you expect from fags and fag sympathizers? They have no logic and no truth in them. They are illogical and full of slander.




Here is my song “Trolls of Terror”

This is a song I wrote back in 2009 or so when the Atheists and Sodomites (almost always one and the same) were trolling Christian youtube channels relentlessly.
This was a screen capture of my audio software with a picture in picture of me playing along (unplugged) with my acoustic.




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