Funny Westboro Baptist Church parody videos

Here are a collection of some of the best Westboro Baptist Church parody videos.
While they are heretics for being Calvinists they do have some talent in making their spoof videos of popular songs as well as making some originals as well. Sometimes they come in handy for subject matter so I decided to keep a collection here.
Most of these are black listed from youtube so I have could not host them there.

These are raw mp4 and flv format videos so they do not have the youtube style player controls and some may take a few seconds to start playing. They may even perhaps not play at all if you are using a handicapped smart phone etc.

Click on the video to play and pause.


Bill O’Reilly FACTOR – spoof video featuring the pervert Pope!








FECES NO, SHRIMP YES – To the idiot Sodomites who try to compare eating pork to their filthy faggotism




“Hey Jews” – Beatles “Hey Jude” parody about the wicked false Jews




“Come together (filthy Jews)” – Beatles “Come together” parody




“No poker face” – Parody of lady Caca’s “Poker Face”.



Matthew Sheppard is in hell!




Thunderf00t the youtube Atheist claims that Jesus endorsed homosexuality!




“Battlefield” – Jordan Sparks parody made into an WBC anthem type song




FAG CHURCH – This one has some of the Calvinist heresy mixed in




“Smell the brimstone” – This one is kind of hardcore so be forewarned.



Here is the official video website for Westboro Baptist —> and their parent site is

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