Arizona Sodomite is upset that Russia doesn’t allow LGBT propaganda!

Today I saw a car in front of me that had several blatantly pro Sodomite stickers on his car including one that was anti-Russia.

That one sticker on his rear windshield said “BOYCOTT RUSSIA” with the queer symbol next to it.
Evidently this fat pedophile faggot is upset that his filthy kind are not able to publically promote filthy faggotism upon the public, particularly the children inside Russia.

Whilst pervert extraordinaire Barack Hussein Obama aggressively promotes the wickedness of Sodomy upon our people of America, Russia’s far more manly and pro family Vladimir Putin protects the people of Russia from such wicked public displays of filth!


Watch the video below:



I didn’t get a chance to get a really great photo but here is a frame of video that I cropped.

He’s also got a STOP IRAN sticker. I guess perhaps this homo is also pro modern day fake Israel as well.



I couldn’t make out the stickers on the right side of the rear windshield but I would not be surprised if it was him attacking Uganda or one of the other SEVENTY PLUS COUNTRIES that do not allow the promotion of filthy faggotism within their land.

Also if you are doubting my claim that Obama aggressively promotes the queers, look no further than the official whitehouse website. —>

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