Google (Android) blatantly promotes Homosexuality in their new ads!

Cover your eyes at 0:29 into this video where Google deliberately subjects it’s viewers to a “gay wedding” and then the two men kiss.

Android Fag Agenda Ad 01

And again at 0:19 in this video Google shows one man proposing to another man. Sick disgusting propaganda to indoctrinate the next generation!

Android Fag Agenda Ad 02
Of course Google has already been a queer infested company but lately they have been ramping up the indoctrination.

One thought on “Google (Android) blatantly promotes Homosexuality in their new ads!

  1. Seriously Google you are killing me
    …women’s rights and black rights being glommed in with homosexuals? Ugh… hopefully all of Google is generation and they’d be extinct.
    Oh..and btw…Not that the average person needs reminding, but crap/waste comes out the butt..not the best place to put your body part. Health 101 explained the purpose of the penis, vagina and anus. Life comes from a man and women..not man and man or woman and woman. PLEASE call homosexuality what it is perversion of life. I love homosexuals, but hate the act. Jesus loves you, but hates the abomination. We all sin but we don’t all call it right or flaunt it.

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